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Phil Coombs Simply Business Australia

Philip Coombs is committed to championing Australians and their businesses.

Having worked as a “Profit Mentor” for the last five years, Philip is committed to helping business owners and leaders to realise the potential from their businesses and most importantly to increase profitability.

After an impressive 25 years at the helm of A.G. Coombs, Philip sold his business in late 2012, with a turnover in excess of $200M and a reputation as being one of, if not the best, in the business and it was at this point he decided to share what he had learnt and started Simply Business Australia.

Philip has a direct personal delivery style that has been described as “unique with an exceptional ability to get the message across and deliver results.”

Philip also published his first business book 'Profit is NOT a dirty word' in 2016 which unlocks the secrets behind successful businesses.

On a personal level, Philip and his family are very passionate sailors.

“We love to sail socially as well as compete which in the past has included some amazing adventures both in Australia and overseas.

When I'm not on the water I enjoy a hit of golf and I also love to travel.

I'm very passionate, or those that know me well would say, obsessed about learning and self-improvement which is why I Iove what I do at Simply Business- helping others improve their businesses so they too can experience success and financial freedom.

I'm also very passionate about helping those less fortunate. My family and I regularly host fundraising events and over the past 10 years we have raised in excess of $200K to improve the lives of underprivileged children.”

about-usThe Simply Business Team

The team at SBA specialise in working with small to medium business owners and leaders to build business smarts for success.

We understands business complexities and has identified the key factors that collectively work to produce long term sustainable profit growth and increased business value.

The unfortunate reality is that in general businesses are not making sufficient profit or aren’t growing, which impacts dramatically on the key stakeholders of the business. It’s time that profit once again become a priority.

How can we help you? By helping your business make more profit, by growing your business and by improving your leadership.

Profit and growth must be a principle objective for all business owners and leaders and Simply Business has a range of solutions which will help your business.

Addressing the profit and growth in your business is not something that can be left for the future – you have to act NOW! 
Contact us on 03 9797 0590 or admin@sbasuccess.com.au to find out how we can help you!


Running construction projects can be extremely difficult. On top of that there is the difficulty of running a business with all its complexities. The understanding, experience and knowledge that Simply Business has in the building and construction industry, gives me the advice to make it simple so that I can get on with what I do best.

Peter Mason, Ducon