Complete this complimentary questionnaire to gauge how healthy your business is.

Whilst all businesses are very different, we have identified a number of common issues:

  • Not making enough profit
  • Profit and/or sales not growing
  • Poor work life balance

The commonality of these issues has helped us to further refine our direction, to focus on helping our clients to improve profitability.

Our Business Health Check will provide you with a check on the current health of your business and is a starting point on your journey to business profitability.

Health Check Instructions 

  1. For each question answer what you believe is the current performance of the business where 1 is poor to 10 which is can’t do any better.
  2. Next rate importance on where you think the business should be with 1 being not important to 10 being very important.
  3. Note: where you believe something is not applicable do not answer the question.
  4. Complete the health check and Simply Business will send you an analysis of the results.


  • Current Performance
    Score 1-10
  • Importance Score
  • 1Is the business fully aware of the internal/external environment in which it operates?
  • 2Does the business have a clear vision for where it wants to be?
  • 3How would you rate the business leadership?
  • 4Does the business have a five (5) year strategic plan?
  • 5Does the business have a clear competitive advantage?
  • 6How would you rate the business’ cash flow?
  • 7Is the business getting the best from its people?
  • 8Does the business adequately measure performance in key result areas?
  • 9Is the business profitable enough?
  • 10Does the business have documented procedures in all key functional areas?
  • 11Is the business’ revenue growing profitably?
  • 12Does the business continuously seek to improve your business?
  • 13Is the value of the business growing?
  • 14Does the business have a shareholding transition plan?
  • 15Is the accountability in the business adequate?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.