Templates / Standard Forms

Dashboard Report

At Simply Business we consider one of the core fundamentals is a Management Information System that provides management at all levels with the information they want and need to run the business efficiently and effectively. In a business that equates too many reports across the company,The Company Dashboard Report provides a weekly or monthly report…

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Key Performance Indicators Report

The role of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the organization is to provide internal and external clients with actionable metrics in easily accessible, customizable formats they can use to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their operations. Download the Simply Business KPI Report to assist you in measuring your actions.

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Simply Business Action Plan Template

Managing action plans is critical to a successful business improvement program or even just managing a business. The prime objective of an action plan is to ensure some from of accountability to either yourself or others. The attached action plan template is a standard template that can be used or modified to help manage your…

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