Considering how extensively we use Dropbox we thought it was high time to review it for you. At Simply Business all of our documentation lives on Dropbox.

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your documentation anywhere and share them easily.

Dropbox syncs your team's work across all your devices which makes version control of documents easy.  No more emailing large attachments back and forth either.  The beauty of Dropbox is that you can manage access to specific folders within your account which gives you security over sensitive material.  You can even install Dropbox on your mobile device, so you can review docs, approve and email from your device anywhere, anytime.  A free version of Dropbox is available with 2Gb of storage, however each time you invite someone to Dropbox you receive bonus storage space.  For big individual users there is a Pro account of 100Gb for $99 per year.  A Business account is available for up to 5 users for $795 per year with unlimited storage space and a whole range of extra management features.  Go to: www.dropbox.com