The Business World in 2014 – A Preview

Welcome to Simply Business for 2014; and our first article! The Christmas mayhem has now passed us, the turmoil surrounding a new year has gone, and you have settled back in to work for the year, so it is now time to get down to serious business!

What does 2014 mean for the business community?

There is plenty of speculation and news stories written on the subject – everything from boom to gloom. I would however like to provide my take on the picture, with a realistic viewpoint, and from what I am seeing on the faces of executives on a daily basis, from a variety of industries and company sizes.

  •  General optimism about an improved economic environment
  •   Continued marginalisation of sales
  •   Poor return on investments
  •   Continued high levels of stress on senior executives
  •   Continued tough trading environment for at least another 12 months

So, what can be done about it? We can offer the following suggestions;

  • Be proactive – don’t just wait for things to improve
  • Focus on the things that you are able to control; not the things you can’t
  • Focus on profit growth, not just sales growth
  • Focus on your key customer s – key account management
  • Clearly understand the needs of your customers
  • Review your products and their value proposition – focus on why your clients would buy from you, what their needs are and how your products meet those needs

In subsequent articles we will address each of the key points above in more detail – and provide some solutions to help your company reach your goals in 2014.

Should you like any additional information on any of these topics, please don’t hesitate to contact us.