Do You Have a Job or a Business?

People may set out to create a business but more often than not all they are doing is creating a job for themselves.  Simply Business has developed a checklist to help you determine what you have, a job or a business.

What is a job and what is a business?

It could be said that it’s a job if it owns you and needs you managing it constantly to be successful and a business if you own it yet are free to leave it to run without you.  So, the question is does it continue to operate successfully without you being there?

“A job is remunerated based on your work rate, whereas a business once setup correctly ends up working for you, even when you slow down”.

Are you the type of ‘business owner’ who can’t get out of their own way? Has your business grown, but nothing can happen without you?   Then you no doubt work a large number of hours, possibly 7 days a week and don’t have the lifestyle that you went into business to achieve.

If you think you may have a job not a business ask yourself these questions:


Business can’t  run without you     Business can & does run without you
You are the primary point of contact for your business    Not the primary point of contact
Have no one to delegate to Employs people to delegate to
You can’t take holiday easily Can take holiday easily
You earn the same money as working for somebody else Earn same money as working for someone else plus make a profit
Minimum 80% of time on technical work Less than 20% of time on technical work, rest of time on managing business and looking after the future
Often poor life balance Good life balance
Business runs you You run the business

Where are you?  Do you have a job or a business?

If you have a job but would like to have a business, please contact us about a program to transition your job into a business.