How to grow profits by chasing Zebras


Chasing ZebrasOne of greatest strategies to grow revenue profitably is by 'Zebra Marketing' or 'Zebra Selling'. So what is a Zebra? A Zebra is a defined target customer / client that fits your ideal customer profile.

So why use a zebra as an analogy? It comes from the animal kingdom in that Lions chase Zebras for a reason - they are the King of the food chain – they are skilled hunters who know exactly what good prey looks like and more importantly know when to expend the energy and effort it takes to hunt that prey. They are smart and disciplined. They don’t waste time pursuing prey that.

They don’t waste time pursuing prey that is too small or too fast because they know the opportunity loss associated to expending energy pursuing such fruitless endeavours.

Given that, an experienced, successful Lion knows the better strategy is to focus on prey that is worth the energy to pursue, like a Zebra. A Zebra’s stripes tell you exactly what kind of animal you’re looking at – you can’t mistake a Zebra for any other animal, so you know for sure when you have one.

Apply that same principle to your marketing and sales, if you target a zebra there is an extremely high probability you will end up with a new customer.

ZEBRA marketing and selling is an end-to-end solution with proven results for your marketing and sales process. The process must include;

  • Identify your ideal prospect (Zebra) - Marketing
  • Research the prospect to identify its critical business issues - Marketing
  • Create value-based presentations - Selling
  • Obtain executive-level buy-in early in the process - Selling

Does your marketing and sales process have these steps in it?

If you would like to know more on 'Zebra Selling', buy the book 'Zebra Selling' by Chad and Jeff Koser. Within the book the authors say “Effort alone is not enough to be competitive. If effort is the key to your strategy then you will go hungry”.

Don’t believe this is an important subject? Consider what Selling to Zebra’s research found as it relates to increasing close rates, shortening sales cycles, increasing average deal size, reducing discounting, increasing margins, making better use of scarce resources, making customers happy and creating a stable of great references:

  • The most competitive company in an industry closes about 15% of its forecasted sales and its competitors close another 15%
  • 70% of the prospects in an industry – the sales everybody is fighting for – will never buy from anyone (status quo is your competitor here)
  • Sales, marketing, sales engineers, customer service, sales management and lots of other employees waste 85% of their time on activities that will never result in a sale

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