Marketing Versus Communications – What’s the Difference?

Simply Business has clearly defined descriptions of what Marketing and Communications are, but we continually come across businesses that are not quite sure what the difference is.  So here we have provided you with our definition of marketing versus communications which cuts through all of the information out there.

In short, Communications “is the messaging that promotes your Marketing strategies!”

Marketing will focus on ‘the who’ – demographics, whilst the communications person will focus on the ‘how’ – the message.

Marketing is researching, analysing, planning, executing and measuring all activities related to acquiring customers for your products and services.  In short, “marketing is preparing people to buy.”

Marketing includes:

  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Promotions
  • Communications

Communications is how you deliver your marketing ideas to consumers.  Communication is about consistent messaging of your business across all channels.  A lot of businesses don’t deliver a consistent, cohesive message when communicating with buyers. This can confuse prospects and customers, which may open the door to your competitor.

Communication needs to be consistent across:

  • Online & F2F relationships
  • Event management
  • Printed materials
  • Corporate design
  • Internal relationships

If you announce “The Company is Closing”. That’s Communications, however if you send out a notice ahead of time with more detailed information and some likely outcomes, whereby educating your audience, that is Marketing!

Of course there is also a difference between Corporate & Marketing Communications.  Here’s a definition by Maxwell Wallace of Demand Media.

Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is company’s attempt to inform or persuade the public, including all its consumers, private investors and the media. Corporate communication represents the very voice with which corporate institutions interact with the outside world and is inclusive of communications regarding investor relations, government relations, labour relations and employee development. Where marketing communication is intended to focus on a particular product or service offered by a company, corporate communication is distinctly focused on news, strategies or opinions of the corporation that makes that product or service.

Marketing Communication

Marketing communication is created to influence consumers to purchase a particular product or service. Marketing messages are often specifically tailored to particular groups of the consuming public broken down by age, sex and gender. Companies create marketing messages based on the perceived preferences of these groups, or demographics. Marketing messages also vary widely from product to product. Corporations that produce a wide variety of products and services across numerous markets create diverse marketing campaigns across myriad demographics.


Understanding the difference between marketing and communications will assist you in creating a strong brand and effective sales strategies that will boost your bottom line.

What are the messages for your business?  And how do you communicate those messages?

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