Make 2016 a year of results not excuses

The more I study and consult in business the more I see what influences business performance, and it is very clear that it all starts at the top – the Leadership qualities of the owner and management. It’s no coincidence that great leaders achieve great results and one of the reasons is because they don’t…

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Business Leadership – what really matters most

Leadership is many things to many people and is a complex subject, however in business, what really matters ? What we do know is a business cannot and will not be successful without good leadership and executives will not reach their full potential without being a good leader.

From 35 years experience in business heading an industry leading management team, the following are my top 10 most important attributes and or skills in leadership today.

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How to grow profits by chasing Zebras

One of greatest strategies to grow revenue profitably is by ‘zebra marketing’ or ‘Zebra Selling’. So what is a Zebra? A Zebra is a defined target customer / client that fits your ideal customer profile .

So why use a zebra as an analogy ? it comes from the animal kingdom in that Lions chase Zebras for a reason – they are the King of the food chain – they are skilled hunters who know exactly what good prey looks like and more importantly know when to expend the energy and effort it takes to hunt that prey. They are smart and disciplined. They don’t waste time pursuing prey that.

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You might be profitable, but are you profitable enough?

So your business might be profitable, but is it profitable enough? What does that mean and why is it important? In business the end game is vitally important and that means selling your business and making sufficient profit that makes the effort, energies and risks of being in business worthwhile.

From a prospective purchaser’s viewpoint how much profit you make is the key component of any valuation however the best prices for businesses are obtained from strategic buyers because they want a position in a particular market sector.

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Can the Baby Boomers sell their small businesses?

Republished from The Age. Monday 23 March 2015 – Adam Courtenay If you are in your 50s and 60s and trying to sell your small business, join the ever-lengthening queue. Never before have so many tried to sell so many nest eggs at such short notice. There are a record 41,200 businesses for sale across…

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If Business is the Game, Profit is the Prize

We would like to challenge owners and their thinking in regard to profits, which is the primary goal of this article. In business we all understand, or think we understand, the importance of profit and what profit is, or do we? At Simply Business our definition of business is “to solve a persons want, need or problem – at a profit”.

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Why do 90% of business owners sell their business for much less than they expected?

Much has been written in the press about the baby boomer generation wanting to sell or transition their business over the next 5-10 years. When you look at the over 1.4 million businesses that this will involve, you can quickly see that we are entering a perfect storm for these business owners. The reality is that only a small number will achieve a result that unlocks sufficient wealth to fund their future life journey.

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How to Increase Your Personal Wealth by Having Your Business Sale Ready

The statistics are damning in that 90% of owners who sell their businesses don’t get what they wanted or expected then they sold. Why?  And more importantly, what do the 10% do that the 90% don’t? Research has highlighted that the reason 90% of owners don’t achieve their exit goals put simply, because their businesses…

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Increasing the value of your business

Did you know that 90% of business owners who sell their business do not receive what they expected or wanted for their business? That is, they did not achieve an adequate profit on the sale of their business. Profit on the sale of your business is the ultimate prize as the true reward for the…

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