Thinking Big in Business

A lack of big thinking in business – is this the biggest barrier to achieving business and/or life success?

At Simply Business we preach regularly about the critical importance of establishing a vision for your life and / or your business as the basis for what you want to achieve. We talk about time frames e.g. 5, 10, 15 & 20 years, but we don’t give enough time to the discussion of ‘how big.’ We, like many others are realising that one of our biggest barriers with restriction on our business is our thinking and this is putting barriers on reaching full business potential.

So how do you change that? “Start to think big!”

In a book, ‘Trump Think Big’, Donald Trump & Bill Zaken cover the topic extremely well – it is worth purchasing a copy. In short we believe “thinking big” is critical to an individual or company realising their full business potential. The following are a few key points about Thinking Big.

  1. Needs to become a way of life not a one off action
  2. Have to overcome personal barriers and discard the comfort of your own insecurities
  3. It is harder to run a small business than a bigger one
  4. It you think small you will stay small
  5. Never give up, every failure is a step on the way to success
  6. Bigger energy, bigger goals, bigger rewards
  7. It is all about attitude/mindset
  8. ust have support for your family
  9. Differentiate yourself from others, think big, be creative to solve big problems that scare others
  10. You can’t think big and be big in a business without changing yourself
  11. Know your strengths, your weaknesses, focus on your strengths and learn more about the areas you need to improve
  12. Shift the goal posts further – stretch yourself
  13. Visualise, draw a picture of your future, “if you can draw it you can see it and if you can see it you can achieve it”
  14. Dream big because what you dream is what you will do or be
  15. If you want to make more money, set bigger goals
  16. Soak up more knowledge – ‘learn’, so you always know what you are doing – be the expert
  17. Trust your gut feelings
  18. Be passionate
  19. Every big thinker starts as a nobody
  20. Thinking big already differentiates you from the vast majority of people
  21. How big you think determines how big a success you become
  22. Overcome your fear of thinking big

The above has not been provided as a solution, but more to challenge your thinking.

So where do you start?

We would recommend that if you don’t know about the power of visioning, contact us for a copy of our visioning module. Or if you are doing some planning, simply shift the goal posts a bit further.

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