Transition Your Job in to a Business

Following our recent online article on transitioning your job in to a Business, we have had significant enquiries regarding the topic. It revealed that yes, many owners have a job but didn’t know how to convert their current ‘job’ in to a successful business.

In response to that demand, we conducted a pilot program on ‘How to Successfully Transition Your Job in to a Business.’

We now have ten companies busily implementing their plans that were developed as part of the workshop program.

The key points that came out of conducting the program were the following;

  • You need to have a great work / life balance to be successful
  • You need to have clear personal goals on what you want from your business
  • You need to identify and develop strategies to address your individual personal barriers which have been preventing you from achieving the transition.
  • You have to employ people to delegate to, in order to successfully create a business
  • You must have a clear sales and marketing plan, designed to grow the business to a level where you can justify employing someone to replace you
  • Before you employ people you have need structure including an organisational structure, position descriptions and person specifications.

The program was a great success – as can be seen by some of the below comments we received;

“I have never been so motivated to make positive changes in my personal and business life as I am after attending this Simply Business workshop!

With simple solutions to everyday problems and tools to solve them, going forward I have the knowledge to turn problems into opportunities! Thanks SBA! Can't wait for the next group catch up....”

Kelly Read from MASH

“I took the plunge and have been in business for the past 18 months. My biggest challenge has been trying to remove myself from the day to day “job” and look at the big picture, not only understanding it but planning for it. After completing the “How to turn a job into a Business” workshops, I can honestly say I have a better sense of direction both personally and professionally. My path is a lot clearer and I believe the mountains that I once saw are simply minor challenges now as I have the tools and knowledge on how to progress. I can’t thank Phil and the Simply Business team enough, I’m sure as I grow I will be looking towards the team for further guidance, thanks again!”

Corey Taylor from 5th Colour Print Management

If you would like to know more about this program, wish to undertake this course at home or whether you wish to register your interest in workshops coming up in August and September, please contact Donna Blackwood by CLICKING HERE or by calling 03 9797 0590.