Work Life Balance

Enjoy the journey, not just the end result!

What is Work Life Balance?

Work Life Balance is not a one-size-fits-all definition.  It varies greatly depending on your current priorities.  It is about sharing your time between yourself, your business, family & community.  The percentages may change depending on your business demands, but one demand should never completely outweigh the others combined.

Reasons for starting a business

  • Independence
  • Flexibility
  • Your idea, your baby
  • Personal wealth benefits

Every decision you make from that point on may be about building your new business and making it successful, but it all comes back to the initial reasons you started the business.   Don’t lose sight of those reasons and ensure that you don’t forget about your personal stakeholders – family.

Getting the Balance Right

The balance may never be perfect, so don’t expect it to be.  In the early days of your new business it will no doubt lean a little in favour of work while you and your business get into a groove.  As the business begins humming along (some days), you can take stock of where things are at and delegate tasks and roles thereby allowing you to give a little back to yourself and your family.

Perhaps you might take on the tasks that you love about and delegate or outsource the ones you don’t have the time or skills for (or the passion!).  The result of taking this approach will be all bases are covered and you can have the work life balance you and your family deserve.

ROI on your life, not just your business

How will you determine your ROI on life?

  • More fun
  • Quality time with those that matter ie Family
  • Acquiring the things that give you pleasure
  • Health

Basic Rules (example)

Work Life

Use technology to your advantage. Schedule emails   to go during work hours so clients don’t expect out of hours replies.

Dinner with family every night

Spend time on long term goals each day, don’t   just fight fires!

Date night with partner once per week

Block out time to do routine tasks – email   responses, staffing issues.

Annual family holiday or a few shorter trips if   you can’t be away for extended periods of time

Ensure your team understands the big picture   & is able to jump in when needed – training!

Block out regular time in your diary for exercise

Prioritise your tasks and don’t sweat the small   stuff

Schedule some you time!