Plug Bug

Traveling is tough, especially when you can't find enough outlets to charge your MacBook and iPad at the same time. PlugBug World comes to the rescue, incorporating itself into the top of the MacBook Pro charger, and letting you plug into up to five different types of electrical outlets around the world.

The PlugBug can handle any device that charges using a USB port, not just those from Apple. You can configure the PlugBug as a stand-alone USB charger with enough power to charge up your iPad.

Or you can connect it to your MacBook charger and use one outlet to charge both MacBook and any other device that uses USB to charge. This is especially important for those who have older MacBooks, which can't pump out enough power from its USB ports to charge an iPad very quickly, or at all.

Besides giving you one less thing to lug around on your globetrotting adventures, it frees up one of those scarce ports on your MacBook Pro, MacBook or MacBook Air. It even fits on other Apple devices, replacing that "duck head" on Apple's iPad charger, AirPort Express, the Apple Battery Charger and older Apple USB chargers.